Toolbox For Quadcopter Project

One of the things I noticed when starting my quadcopter build project was that all I had was all the parts floating about in a cardboard box. Obviously once it is build most of these will on the airframe but I still wanted a nice storage solution for the various spares, transmitter and other bit and bobs.

I quite liked the idea of a carry case rather than boxes so I could take most of my gear in one go.  Also I looked at tool kits  but decided that buying just the tools when required was the best option as some can be bought cheaper and I already have several item already. With this in mind I focused on an aluminium style  tool case.


After some Googling (image search was helpful) I cam across the Sealey cantilever tool case which seemed to tick most of my requirements.

Professional style tool case features cantilever action storage trays and large, modular storage area in base of case. Ideal for the professional tradesman. Includes four full-length trays each with five storage compartments and six partitioned storage compartments in the base of the case. Locking catches provide added security. Supplied with shoulder strap and two keys.



The case is nicely padded along with movable dividers. It luckily was big enough to fit my Turnigy 9XR in the bottom and enough space for the charger and several batteries, cables etc. The top trays are also a nice size for all my other parts like propellers, flight controllers, motors etc.

For the price this just the right case for most beginner RC hobbyists.

Supplier: Tooled-Up
Price: £50


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